KSL vs Tommy Fury Live Results 2023

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KSL vs Tommy Fury

KSL vs Tommy Fury KSI has been perfect in the world of crossover boxing but is facing the stiffest test of his career when he takes on Fury, who is coming off a split decision win against Jake Paul. A fight with Jake Paul could also be the prize for the winner of the main event.

It’s the influencer boxing Super Bowl! Saturday in Manchester, England, Misfits Boxing brings a big double main event to the ring. The main event will feature social media superstar-turned-boxer KSI taking on pro boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury. The co feature is a similar pairing, with influencer-turned-part-time-boxer-turned-wrestler Logan Paul doing battle with MMA fighter Dillon Danis. You can catch all the action on

KSL vs Tommy Fury Fight card, results :

KSL vs Tommy Fury
KSL vs Tommy Fury
  • KSI vs. Tommy Fury, cruiserweights
  • Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis, 195-pound catchweights
  • Salt Papi vs. Slim Albaher, middleweights
  • Deen the Great vs. Walid Sharks, lightweights

KSL vs Tommy Fury The tension was palpable as the arena filled with fervent fans, all eagerly anticipating the much-anticipated clash between two titans of the ring. KSI, the renowned YouTube sensation turned boxer, exuded an air of confidence as he made his way to the ring, his eyes fixed on the opponent’s corner where Tommy Fury, the skilled and formidable British boxer, awaited him with an unwavering focus. The atmosphere crackled with energy, the crowd’s roar reaching a deafening crescendo as the bell chimed, marking the commencement of the bout.

KSI vs Tommy Fury : Unsavoury exchange

KSL vs Tommy Fury
KSL vs Tommy Fury

KSI got involved in a shouting match with Fury and his father John at a press conference held on Thursday. KSI taunted John Fury after being repeatedly insulted by him. Later, he apologised and said he always learns from his mistakes. Besides, a brawl took place between YouTuber Logan Paul and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis. They exchanged a barrage of insults.

KSL vs Tommy Fury KSI immediately assumed a defensive stance, carefully measuring Tommy’s movements with a hawk-like vigilance. Fury, on the other hand, wasted no time, launching a series of lightning-fast jabs that KSI adeptly dodged. With each precise dodge, KSI swiftly countered, landing a calculated blow on Fury’s ribs, eliciting a grunt of discomfort from his opponent. The round ended with both fighters showcasing their technical prowess, leaving the audience hungry for more.

KSL vs Tommy Fury Live :

KSL vs Tommy Fury
KSL vs Tommy Fury

KSI and Tommy Fury finally meet on a huge night of boxing action in Manchester on Saturday. The YouTube star steps up in class when he takes on ‘TNT’, younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who is looking to follow up a comfortable points win over arch-rival Jake Paul back in February. ‘The Nightmare’ KSI insists he has little fear of Fury, despite his professional boxing pedigree and is out to cause a major shock at the AO Arena tonight.

The two have been verballing sparring on social media for months but now must do their talking inside the ring. The same also goes for Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, with a deeply personal feud getting even more bitter during a chaotic press conference earlier this week, with Paul appearing to have been cut after Danis threw a microphone at his face. The popular Salt Papi will meet Slim in another massive clash in this format of the sport. King Kenny is up against Anthony Taylor, too.

Tommy Fury appeared undeterred by KSI’s early success, coming back with a ferocious onslaught of punches that pushed KSI onto the back foot. KSI, however, demonstrated his resilience, weathering the storm with a series of expertly executed blocks. In a sudden display of agility, KSI swiftly sidestepped a vicious right hook from Fury, leaving his opponent momentarily off balance. Seizing the opportunity, KSI launched a rapid combination of hooks and uppercuts, managing to land a solid blow to Fury’s jaw, staggering him momentarily.

KSL vs Tommy Fury Live Updates :

KSL vs Tommy Fury Live Results 2023
KSL vs Tommy Fury

As the bout progressed, the pace intensified, both fighters displaying an unwavering determination to claim victory. Fury, recognizing the need to alter his strategy, began to incorporate a mix of body shots and feints, attempting to lure KSI into a false sense of security. KSI, however, maintained his composure, retaliating with a flurry of precise jabs that tested Fury’s defensive capabilities. The third round concluded with both fighters displaying signs of exertion, their breaths labored, yet their spirits unbroken.

The penultimate round witnessed a crescendo of adrenaline-fueled action as both KSI and Fury unleashed their full arsenal of boxing skills. Fury’s thunderous hooks were met with KSI’s calculated evasions, each movement a testament to the intense training both fighters had undergone in preparation for this defining moment. With sweat glistening on their brows and determination etched on their faces, the fourth round culminated in a fierce exchange of blows that left the audience on the edge of their seats, unsure of which direction the match would ultimately take.

In the final round, exhaustion mingled with the fierce determination of both fighters as they summoned their remaining strength for one last push. Fury, aware of the need to leave a lasting impression, unleashed a series of rapid combinations, testing KSI’s endurance to its limits. KSI, however, showcased his tenacity, refusing to yield to the mounting pressure. With seconds ticking away, KSI seized a fleeting opportunity, delivering a powerful uppercut that caught Fury off guard, sending him staggering backward. As the final bell resounded, both fighters stood in the center of the ring, their chests heaving, their bodies marked with the bruises of battle.

The judges’ scorecards were tallied, and the verdict was delivered: a split decision in favor of KSI, who was declared the victor amidst a thunderous ovation from the electrified crowd. Both fighters embraced in a show of mutual respect, acknowledging the hard-fought battle that had brought them to this defining moment in their respective careers. As they raised each other’s hands in a display of sportsmanship, the audience erupted in applause, honoring the unwavering spirit and resilience displayed by both KSI and Tommy Fury.

The world of boxing has seen its fair share of intense rivalries, but perhaps none has captured the attention of fans quite like the brewing feud between KSI and Tommy Fury. With contrasting backgrounds and fighting styles, these two formidable figures have been circling each other in the boxing sphere, igniting a fiery rivalry that has piqued the interest of both the casual and hardcore fans of the sport.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, first gained fame as a prominent YouTuber and internet personality. With a dedicated fan base and a knack for generating buzz, KSI seamlessly transitioned into the world of boxing, challenging fellow YouTuber Logan Paul to a highly publicized amateur boxing match in 2018. Despite the initial skepticism surrounding the bout, KSI proved his mettle and determination, ultimately drawing with Paul in a thrilling fight that left fans clamoring for more.

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