Premium Bond Winners July 2023
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Premium Bond Winners July 2023

Premium Bonds are a type of savings product offered by the UK government-backed National Savings and Investments (NS&I). They were first introduced in 1956 as a way to encourage people to save and provide an opportunity to win tax-free prizes instead of earning interest on their savings.

In addition to the two individuals who claim the £1 million prize each month, there are various other prizes waiting to be won. In the recent July draw, 71 people were lucky enough to win the second prize of £100,000, while 141 winners celebrated their success with a £50,000 reward. Furthermore, 284 individuals won £25,000, 590 winners received £10,000, and an impressive 12,573 participants were awarded £1,000. Additionally, £500 was given to 37,719 individuals, while 1,280,509 bondholders were delighted with a £100 win. Another 1,280,509 bondholders were also fortunate enough to win £50. Lastly, the £25 prize was claimed by a remarkable 2,376,161 bondholders.

Here are some key points about Premium Bonds:

  1. How it works: Instead of earning interest on your savings, the money you invest in Premium Bonds is entered into a monthly prize draw. Each £1 you invest represents a bond number and each bond number has a chance of winning a prize. The prizes range from small amounts to a £1 million jackpot.
  2. Eligibility: Premium Bonds are open to UK residents aged 16 and over. Parents or guardians can purchase bonds on behalf of children under 16.
  3. Investment limit: The minimum investment is £25, and you can purchase additional bonds in increments of £25, up to a maximum holding of £50,000.
  4. Prize draws: Prize draws are held monthly, and the prizes are tax-free. The value of the prizes varies, and there is a chance of winning multiple prizes in a single draw. However, keep in mind that the prizes are not guaranteed, and your bonds may not win anything.
  5. Security: Premium Bonds are backed by the UK government, which means they are considered relatively safe. However, they do not offer the same guaranteed return as a savings account, as the return comes from the chance of winning prizes.
  6. Accessibility: You can buy and manage Premium Bonds online, by phone, or by post. If you decide to cash in your bonds, you can do so at any time without penalty.
  7. Alternatives: If you’re looking for a guaranteed return on your savings, other options like fixed-rate savings accounts, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), or regular savings accounts might be more suitable.

Remember that this information is accurate as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. It’s always a good idea to visit the NS&I website or consult with a financial advisor for the most up-to-date and specific information regarding Premium Bonds.

To check if you have won a prize in the Premium Bonds draw, you can visit the NS&I website and access your account. The monthly draws offer prizes ranging up to £1 million. To confirm your winnings, you will need your holder’s number, which can be found on your bond record or in the app. Alternatively, you can use your NS&I number, typically provided in any correspondence regarding your bonds.

Two lucky NS&I Premium Bond winners will won the jackpot this month as July winners are announced. 

The two jackpot winners – who will get a visit from Agent Million – are from Staffordshire and Norfolk and are now millionaires after winning the National Savings & Investments Premium Bond £1 million jackpot. 

This month, the first Bond number drawn by ERNIE (the software that picks the winning bond numbers) was 493HK711899, held by a winner based in Staffordshire. The winner has £48,750 in Premium Bonds and purchased their winning Bond in March 2022. This win makes them the fifth millionaire from Staffordshire.

As well as the jackpot winners, more bond holders can expect to win a prize as the  Premium Bonds prize fund rate was upped to 3.7% this month – the highest in 15 years – meaning more higher value prizes are up for grabs, with 142 £50,000 prizes and 71 £100,000 prizes.

Sally Swait, NS&I retail assistant director, said: “This is the highest rate the prize fund has been in over 15 years, meaning this month we paid out a total of 5 million prizes worth over £374 million. The Premium Bonds prize fund is going up again for the August draw too, with the odds improving as well, meaning more wins and more excitement each month for savers up and down the country.”

When are the Premium Bonds winners for June 2023 announced?

Premium Bond Winners July 2023

Premium Bond holders are entered into a random draw at the start of every month, with tax-free prizes worth between £25 and £1m, instead of earning regular interest on their money in the usual way.

Usually, the results of the latest Premium Bonds draw are fully accessible to holders from the second day of the month.

The winners are actually drawn a day earlier – so generally on the first day of the month – with NS&I releasing the details of the highest prizes (anyone who has won more than £5,000) at midnight.

However, this changes if the month starts on a weekend or bank holiday, with the prize draw scheduling pushed back to the next working days.

1 July falls on a Saturday this year, which means the Premium Bonds results will instead be drawn on Monday 3 July.

Bond holders will be then able to check if they were among the winners from Tuesday 4 July.

Here are the remaining Premium Bonds prize draw dates for 2023 – if you are a holder, you will be able to check your bonds the day after the numbers have been drawn:

  • Monday 3 July
  • Tuesday 1 August
  • Friday 1 September
  • Monday 2 October
  • Wednesday 1 November
  • Friday 1 December
  1. Prize distribution: The prize fund for Premium Bonds is funded by the interest earned on all eligible bonds. The total prize fund is calculated based on an annual interest rate, which is then divided among the prize winners. The more bonds you hold, the higher your chances of winning a prize.
  2. Prize tiers: The prizes for Premium Bonds are distributed across different tiers based on their value. There are higher-value prizes, including the jackpot of £1 million, as well as smaller prizes. The number of prizes in each tier can vary from month to month.
  3. Odds of winning: Each £1 bond has the same chance of winning, and the odds of winning a prize are expressed as a per-£1 bond number. For example, if there are 39,719,498,734 eligible bonds in a given month and the annual prize fund rate is 1%, the odds of any individual bond winning a prize would be 39,719,498,734 to 1.
  4. Tax considerations: One of the benefits of Premium Bonds is that any prizes you win are tax-free in the UK. This means you get to keep the full amount of any prize you win without having to pay income tax or capital gains tax on it.
  5. Inflation and interest rates: As Premium Bonds do not pay interest, they may not keep up with inflation over time. If the prizes you win are not sufficient to offset the effects of inflation, the purchasing power of your investment may decrease.
  6. Withdrawal and reinvestment: You can choose to withdraw your money from Premium Bonds at any time without penalty. However, it’s important to note that if you cash in your bonds, you will no longer be eligible for any future prize draws. Alternatively, you can reinvest the money or use it for other financial purposes.
  7. Gift option: Premium Bonds can be a popular gift choice. You can buy them as a gift for someone else, such as a child, grandchild, or other family member. However, the bonds will be registered in the name of the recipient, and the prizes will be paid to them.

It’s important to thoroughly consider your financial goals and assess whether Premium Bonds align with your investment objectives. As always, seeking advice from a financial professional can provide personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances.

How can I check if I won the Premium Bonds?

If you hold Premium Bonds and want to check if you’ve won a prize in the latest monthly draw, you can use the NS&I online prize checker here.

Alternatively, you can download the free app from iOS or Android, while Amazon Alexa devices can also check for you, “remembering” back across the past six prize draws.

To check on your Premium Bonds, you will need your unique holder’s number, which can be found on your bond record or by logging into your account on the NS&I website. It will have either nine of ten digits, or be an eight digit number with a letter at the end.

Prizes don’t carry a time limit, so you can claim as far back as the original 1957 draw.

According to MoneySavingExpert, as of November 2021 there were more than two million unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes, with a total value of almost £75m.

To reduce the potential for leaving prizes unclaimed, Premium Bonds holders can opt to have them paid directly in their bank account or automatically reinvested into more bonds.

NS&I says that almost nine in ten prizes are now paid this way, and you can find out more details here.

How can I buy Premium Bonds?

You can buy Premium Bonds for yourself or for a child under 16 online here, or you can call NS&I free on 08085 007 007, from 7am to 10pm every day. You’ll need to have your debit card details ready.

Alternatively, you can apply by post at NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB, using an application form that you can find and print here.

Each bond is £1, but you need to pay in a minimum of £25 for each investment. The maximum amount you can hold in Premium Bonds is £50,000.

If you think there is a chance that you could have Premium Bonds, but you are not sure, there is a tracking service on the NS&I website.

To check if you have any bonds you need to fill out a form with your personal details and send it off. If you do have Premium Bonds, then you will be contacted

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has announced the 2023 July winners.

Only two lucky winners get to claim the top million-pound prize with the first claimed by a winner from Staffordshire with the bond number 493HK711899.

The owners winning bond was valued at £9,000 and was purchased in March 2022 with an overall holding of £48,750.

July means a brand new NS&I Premium Bonds draw and the opportunity to win big and walk away with a staggering £1,000,000 jackpot prize. National Savings and Investments has confirmed eight winners in Glasgow took home £5,000 or more.

The public has been eagerly waiting for July’s winning bond numbers to be released and this month, four lucky Glasgow residents took home £10,000 with a host of others winning £5,000.

If you own premium bonds in Wales, this could be your lucky day.

Premium Bond holders will have more chances to win “big-money prizes” from July onwards.

NS&I recently announced an additional £39 million will be available in the July Premium Bond prize draw as the fund rate reaches a 15-year high (3.70 per cent up from 3.30 per cent).

The odds of each £1 Premium Bond winning a prize will remain at 24,000 to one, but people will have more chances each month to win prizes worth up to £100,000.

Who were the big Premium Bonds UK winners in June 2023?

In June 2023, two winners receiving the grand prize of £1 million were from different parts of the UK. The first bond, purchased in July 2005 by an Essex resident, carried the number 83TX260795. The second jackpot winner for this month was a South Gloucestershire resident who has held the bond since December 2020 and won with number 429WV622861.

There are a total of 15 lucky individuals from Liverpool and Wirral, with one scooping a £50,000 prize. These are the winning bond numbers:

  1. 199NN056689 (purchased November 2012) – £50,0000
  2. 317QP945915 (purchased Decemer 2017) – £25,000
  3. 317QP945915 (purchased November 2011) – £25,000
  4. 304LN441772 (purchased June 2017) – £10,000
  5. 141TF721224 (purchased August 2008) – £10,000
  6. 44ZW891748 (purchased July 1995) – £10,000
  7. 302LX643017 (purchased May 2017) – £5,000
  8. 322YL548634 (purchased February 2018) – £5,000
  9. 331EG148326 (purchased May 2018) – £5,000
  10. 153QD295556 (purchased March 2009) – £5,000
  11. 502HJ201869 (purchased June 2022) – £5,000
  12. 502HJ201869 (purchased June 2019) – £5,000
  13. 220YK792129 (purchased May 2014) – £5,000
  14. 371YG944624 (purchased October 2019) – £5,000
  15. 285WN115947 (purchased October 2016) – £5,000

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) have announced the July 2023 Premium Bonds winners. 

This month’s draw saw 100 people across Wales win a share of over £1 million with prizes ranging between £100,000 and £5,000.

Four lucky winners across Wales each won £100,000 in the July Premium Bonds draw. Which? investigates whether small holdings ever win big and reveals the best savings accounts you can open with £1 or less

Two lucky premium bond holders hit the jackpot this month, bagging £1m in the latest National Savings & Investments (NS&I) monthly prize draw. 

The winners are from Essex and South Gloucestershire, while 63 other premium bond holders received the next-best prize of £100,000.

Both individuals have large holdings of over £40,000, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win with less.

Here, Which? reveals the winning bond numbers, how many savers have won the jackpot with the smallest holdings and the best savings accounts you can get with a deposit of just £1.

June 2023 premium bond winners

The first winning bond (083TX260795) was bought by a lucky winner living in Essex, and is part of a total holding of £42,050. The winning bond was bought in July 2005.

The second winner, from South Gloucestershire, bought their bond (429WV622861) in December 2020. They have a total holding of £50,000. 

Can small holdings win big?

Despite several recent boosts to the prize fund rate, the odds of one bond winning any prize in a month still stands at 24,000 to one. But remember, the more you invest, the greater your chances of walking away with a prize.

For example, while you have a one in 602,250,000 chance of bagging the £1m jackpot with a holding of £100, the odds jump to one in 1,204,502 with the maximum holding of £50,000, according to NS&I.

Although the first ever premium bond was bought for just £1 in 1956, the minimum investment is now £25. Sadly, your chances of becoming a millionaire with such a tiny holding are depressingly small.

Only one person has ever won the jackpot with less than £25 invested, figures from NS&I show. The lucky person, from Newham in London, held £17 in premium bonds. They also hold the title of winner who waited the longest amount of time to bag the top prize. 

The lucky premium bond was bought in February 1959 and, incredibly, didn’t win the £1m reward until almost 45 and a half years later in July 2004. It’s perhaps proof that good things really do come to those who wait.

In total, there have only been 12 jackpot winners with holdings worth £1,000 or less. The most recent was in January 2015, when someone with £400 invested became a millionaire with a bond bought in August 2008.

The four lucky winners were Bond numbers:

  • 275EK027213 – from Gwent Valleys
  • 460KY809649 – Wales
  • 117TV015090 – Wales
  • 354LN740642 – Cardiff

Amount of Premium Bond prizes in July

Every month only two winners take home £1 million but there are still plenty of other prizes available, with 71 people winning the second prize of £100,000 and 141 claiming £50,000. 

You can check the July big winners via the NS&I website here.

  • £1million – 2
  • £100,000 – 71
  • £50,000 – 141
  • £25,000 – 284
  • £10,000 – 590
  • £5,000 – 1,177
  • £1,000 – 12,573
  • £500 – 37,719
  • £100 – 1,280,509
  • £50 – 1,280,509
  • £25 – 2,376,161
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